Sani Pass

A New Sense of Protection

Key Features All Units

Facial Recognition

Integrated software, which can distinguish visitors from staff and recognize masks, provides the option to record data on individuals’ entrances and exits.

Lighting Options

Overhead LED lighting can be adjusted to allow the unit to be used in low light and dark environments.

Intelligent Data Management

Body temperature and facial recognition data may be stored in the cloud or on a local area network to allow for operational record keeping.

Body Temperature Measurement

  • High accuracy German HEIMANN, thermal imaging temperature sensors, allows for efficient, non-contact temperature readings.
  • Programmable audio & visual alarms will indicate unacceptable body temperature readings.

Sanitation Product Dispensing

  • Odour-free, food-grade, soap-free disinfectant is dispensed via ultrasonic atomization (a super fine dry fog), resulting in disinfection rates of up to 99.99% (as tested by SGS).
  • Large, easily refillable liquid disinfectant tanks provide a significant volume (up to 3,000) of disinfections per tank load.


  • The unit is easy to install and to move.