Case Study – Wanham



Type of Crop: Evergreens, Lemon Trees, Organic Peas (C03.1), Beans (C03.2) Potato. Mixed Garden

Environment: Greenhouse/Garden

Product Received: 2.5 Litres Classic

Date Received: May 17

Trial start date: Staggered



April 24, 2020

Customer is growing a variety of crops right now. Anticipates planting in the garden May 5-10

He has allocated 1 acre of previously unused land for starting organic peas

Would like to do trials for: 

Organic peas (1/2 acre)

Evergreen Trees

Lemon Trees (4 plants), currently 4” height, 16 leaf stage, just starting to bud

Potatoes (1/2 acre)

Garden (1/2 acre)

Greenhouse (Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers) Having trouble with the cucumbers 

This customer has been working this garden for about 10 years, and he has taken the soil from 0% organic matter to 9% organic matter



May 20, 2020

Treated pea seeds with Rezfree diluted 2 ml rezfree in 250 ml water

Soaked for 1 minute, dried planted


May 24, 2020

Customer shared a comparison picture of seeds 

Treated seeds appeared to be significantly larger (approx. 1 ½ time the size of the non treated seeds)

May 26

Treated bean seeds with Rezfree at 10 am – At about 3 pm he noticed one seed sprouting, and 3 more seeds opening up. He has never seen this before. After dipping the seeds in Rezfree, he set them on a table to dry. When he returned in the afternoon, the area was completely dry, and he noticed the results mentioned above. 

May 29, 2020

Update on pea seeds treated on May 20. (Yes, only 9 days later….)

June 4, 2020

Customer shared the following picture of his bean seeds treated May 26, 2020

Seeds on Left were dipped in RezFree. Beans on Right are untreated

June 5, 2020

Spoke with customer. He said that RezFree treated peas and non-treated peas are looking similar now.

June 24, 2020

Did a site visit today

Our grower is very impressed with his onion crop! He was worried about the onions when he transplanted them. The entire crop had root rot, in which the soil was too cold and essentially the plants had lost their roots entirely. He treated the plants with RezFree when transplanting, and He was quoted as saying, “I have never had onions like this in the 6 years I have been planting them in this garden”.

This customer is happy with all of his treated plants. Seemed to be excited with his potatoes

We compared the roots on his beans, which he began treating as seeds. It appeared that there was approximately 20% better root structure on the Rezfree treated roots in the plants we compared.

He is also using RezFree on 3 different types of trees. All 3 seem to be showing better results with RezFree.

July 4 

Onions were hit last night with a heavy frost. We recommended using a solution with a mix ratio of 10 mil RezFree in 2 litres of water as a recovery treatment

Harvest Summary

Potatoes – Harvested approximately 1 week early with notably uniform vegetables

Onions –  RezFree was used after the frost. All of the plants made a full recovery, and produced a strong harvest

Peas/Beans – We did not receive any feedback on these crops. They were harvested unsupervised, not allowing for comparison