Case Study –  Saskatchewan


Type of Crop: Canola

Environment: Field

Product Received: 3 gallons RezFree Grain

Date Received: May 15, 2020

Application Process: Direct to soil

Trial start date: May 24, 2020

Cultivation Date: September 23/24 2020




April 21 2020

This broad acre farmer has agreed to do a 15 acre trial on 2 strains of canola, (7.5 acres on each strain). He anticipates planting around May 10


May 15, 2020

Delivered 3 gallons of RezFree Grain formula for canola trial


May 24, 2020

Made first application to the field

Dilution- 1 gallon Rezfree in 250 gallons of water   

                 Applied at 50 gallons per acre


July 7, 2020

Our grower posted the following picture of his Canola trial

In his comments, he stated that the Rezfree plot began to flower 1 or 2 days earlier than the untreated canola. He points out in the photo that the Rezfree side is more yellow than the other crops.

July 20, 2020

I met with this grower today, and looked at one of his canola crops. This trial was performed on a section of field that was treated with wheat mulch. He is using synthetic urea fertilizer. He has applied Rezfree to 2 – 7 ½ acre plots. One plot has the wheat mulch, and the second plot is a pea mulch. We did not have a chance to look at the pea mulch plot.

The root pictured on the right is treated with RezFree Grain formula. The stalk on the RezFree plant appears to be approximately 1.5 times the thickness of the non-treated plant. The root system also looks healthier.

Average yield per acre is between 50-60 bushels on this land


September 23/24, 2020

Harvested the 7.5 acre trial plot on the Roundup canola. (with wheat mulch) Estimated yield increase was 3 bushels/acre: 61 bushels per acre untreated vs. 64 bushels per acre treated

Nexera canola trial plot, (with pea mulch) produced an average yield increase of 2.5 bushels/acre

Harvest Summary

Customer noted that through the growing season he observed that overall the treated canola appeared to look healthier, and had a stronger root system.

Briefly explained this is why these observations were important to him.

  1. A healthier plant is more resistant to disease and pests
  2. A stronger root system is more likely to produce increased yields 

It should be noted that Andrew only applied 1 RezFree treatment. The recommended application for this formula was 2 applications; First at seeding, second at tillering.

The Nexera canola is a high oil content canola. Although the yield was slightly less, the market value is higher which