Case Study –  Rosewood


Type of Crop: Mixed Garden

Environment: Outdoor Garden/House Plants

Date Received: May 15, 2020

Application Process: Direct to soil

Trial start date: Early June 

Cultivation Date: Aug 22 -Sept 3




May 27, 2020

Spoke to Customer. He is doing a small trial plot in the garden

He will be treating some seeds prior to planting: 20ml Rezfree in 2 litres water, dip and dry

Dilution for Garden: 50ml Rezfree in 3-4 gallons of water

Application rate: Every 15-20 days


July 20, 2020

Went to site today

Corn treated with RezFree appears to be growing taller than the non-treated (close to 1 ft taller in some areas)

The last 20-30 ft of the garden on the west end is consistently worse soil and growing conditions. This is where we can really see the Rezfree making a difference.

This couple has been using RezFree on their house plants since December. They are thrilled with the results. They apply it almost weekly to the plants. One plant (African Mask) was assumed to be dead, they were unable to make it grow from the time they got it, it just kept losing leaves. when I went to visit, it had 2 very healthy leaves and was looking like it was continuing to develop more.

This Aloe plant, (pictured below), is also thriving. In the first 3 ½ years, it had to be transplanted 2 times because it was too large. In the last 6 months since treating it with RezFree, it has had to be transplanted twice again.

Wednesday Aug 26, 2020

Visited this trial site again. The grower is very pleased with what he is seeing in the garden. Harvested beets on August 22, and they were on average about baseball size. He said that it is about 2 weeks earlier than normal harvest time for this crop.

I did a comparison on his carrots, which had not yet been harvested. The non-treated rows only have about 2 feet separation from the treated rows, so results may be slightly skewed. I did find though that the treated carrots averaged approximately 14% increase in length, and 25% increase in girth over the non-treated carrots.


Friday August 28, 2020

Received an excited phone call today. This grower called to let me know that they harvested corn today. It is the first time that they have harvested the corn before combining. He anticipates combining in approximately 2 weeks. The only corn harvested was from the RezFree treated rows. The non-treated corn is not yet mature. The people picking the corn were unaware of which rows had been treated.


September 3, 2020

Our customer shared this photo after harvesting carrots from his Garden. (RezFree Treated)

Harvest Summary

On average, the RezFree treated vegetables were ready to harvest 2 weeks earlier than the non treated plants.

In addition to an early harvest, the beets showed a significant increase in size. (Estimated 30% – 40% increase)

Carrots were also showing significantly larger increases in both length and girth

Corn cobs were comparably similar, but again were ready for harvest approximately 2 weeks ahead of the non treated group