For The Home Gardener

Every gardener takes pride in the food that is planted, grown, and harvested in their own yard by their own hands. A fresh crisp salad served to guests at Sunday dinner, the host takes the compliments, and is sure to announce, “You know, everything in that salad came from my garden!” Often followed by, “Oh, we have lots. Be sure to take some home with you.”

Seeing these beautiful harvested fruits and vegetables gathered, cleaned and stored, we like to think that it was an easy task, and the humble grower will often let you go on believing this. The truth is, growing a healthy productive garden takes time, attention, and work. It also takes good weather, good soil, and proper treatment.

As long as you are growing outside, the weather will always be out of your control, and in these colder climates we are often pressed to produce in a shortened growing season. Using RezFree can help bring in the harvest earlier, improve your soil, increase yields, combat pests, and protect against drought and frost.

Easy to Use:

5ml (1 teaspoon) of RezFree in every 4 litres of water used

This can be done by hand if using a watering jug or backpack sprayer, or with a hose end sprayer adjusted to 1 teaspoon per gallon

Repeat this this process approximately every 2-3 weeks after planting until harvest

Recommended (Optional):

RezFree is proven to increase seed germination.

Before planting, simply mix a solution of 5ml (1 teaspoon) of RezFree in 2 litres of water

– Dip your seeds in the solution for 1 minute

– Remove seeds, and allow them to dry

– Plant as usual


A 2 litre solution will treat up to 75 lbs of seeds. Be sure to use this solution within 8 hours of mixing, or you will need to make a new solution
A picture is worth a thousand words. Click Here to see some of the results people are having with RezFree in their gardens. And be sure to contact us with any questions, or for more information about why RezFree works

Testimonials From The Garden

“I have never had onions like this in the 6 years I have had this garden”. Jason – Wanham AB


“I had to call to let you know that they harvested corn today. It is the first time that we have harvested the corn before combining. I anticipate we will be combining (wheat), in approximately 2 weeks. The only corn harvested was from the RezFree treated rows. The non-treated corn is not yet mature. The people picking the corn were unaware of which rows had been treated.” Ken – Viking AB


(From notes in a case study comparison) Eli shared more pictures of his flowers. There are no comparison photos of non-treated plants because to quote, “I know this stuff works,(Rezfree), why would I not use it?” Jess – Agrobiome Quoting Eli – Camrose AB


“One thing I noticed was the uniformity of the fruits, (Tomatoes), that can be important when going to the market.” Andy – Beiseker AB


“The seedlings were under a heavy drought stress before the, (RezFree), spray. The results of the quantity of the roots is something unbelievable.” Juan – Summerland B.C.