What is RezFree?

RezFree is a combination of crucial bacterial enzymes, amino acids, organic matter and oligosaccharides.

RezFree is not developed as a nutrient source, but as a solution to increase nutrient uptake, promote growth, the trigger defence system of plants against diseases, and maximize yield
as well as for degradation of the residues of pesticides.

RezFree is certified as organic by CERES* and contains no GMOs.

*CERES conducts inspections and offers certification per different governmental organic standards, such as regulation EEC 834/07, USDA-NOP Final Rule, and the Japanese Agricultural Standard to produce Organic Foodstuffs (JAS). Additionally, CERES provides inspection services for several national and international private standards of farmers’ associations and certification bodies (Demeter, Naturland, BIO SUISSE, etc).

Why RezFree?

RezFree degrades the residues of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that have accumulated in the soil. These chemicals are responsible for damaging soil health and adversely affecting plant growth.

RezFree shows results in a matter of days (48 hours). RezFree is affordable, easy to use, and does not require difficult handling, warehousing or procedures.

RezFree can be safely used with any other commercial crop protection product or fertilizer. It is ideal for conventional/organic farming and is not harmful to live organisms.

Top Benefits and Features

Degrades Pesticides Residues

RezFree degrades pesticide and chemical fertilizer residue that damage soil health and adversely affecting plant growth.

Improve Health & Growth

RezFree decreases soil salinity and
helps reclaims saline lands.

Stronger Plants

RezFree improves nutrient utilization and increases yield and profit.

Benefits of RezFree

RezFree decreases soil salinity within a couple of weeks. No need for huge and unsustainable investments for proper management of soil.

RezFree boosts the immune system of plants and reduces the need for pesticides and fungicides. It increasing anti-oxidant activity and the symbiotic relationship between plants and microorganisms.

RezFree is rich in enzymes and increases microbial activity in the treated soil, Roots grow longer, allowing plants to uptake nutrients more efficiently, and reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers needed.