Liquid Organic Fertilizers

Farmers are approaching organic farming as it is the need of the hour. Environmental awareness has pushed agricultural activities to switch to organic fertilizers, as chemical pesticides are significantly deteriorating soil, vegetables, crops, and even human health. In addition, it is expensive to use chemical pesticides for various treatments. On the contrary, organic fertilizers are composed of plants, human, and animal waste, which makes it super cheap to produce it. Furthermore, its potential and components improve agricultural activity and also protect the environment.  

Why Use Liquid Organic Fertilizers?

Organic fertilizer is made by utilizing the waste of rabbits, cows, fish, chickens, humans, and many other kinds of natural waste. They have multiple usages and are capable of various treatments. When you mix these fertilizers in the soil, along with crops and vegetation, they increase the lifespan of the soil and provide the required nutrition. Since they do not include any chemicals, these fertilizers improve the fertility of the soil and make it capable of growing various crops. In addition, the natural components in the fertilizers enhance the microbial activity that is essential for the growth of plants. For example, they turn organic matter into nutrients and also recycle mineral nutrients. Furthermore, they protect plants from diseases. Hence, organic fertilizers are the ultimate choice for sustainable agriculture. Plus, with all the natural components, there is zero percent harm to the environment and human health, giving you all the more reason to switch to organic fertilizers.  

When to Use Liquid Organic Fertilizers?

Liquid organic fertilizers respond faster compared to other fertilizers. You can use them under the following circumstances – 

  • When the seedling has exhausted the nutrients 
  • When the seedling fails to darken after infusing fertilizer
  • When you are planning to grow container-grown plants 
  • When you are growing cold-tolerant crops  

In these situations, liquid fertilizers will fulfil all the requirements of each plant and soil type. From providing nutrients to boosting the growth of plants, liquid fertilizers will do it all. 

How Do Liquid Organic Fertilizers Work?

First, you have to follow these two simple steps – 

Step 1 – Dilute the concentrated liquid fertilizers in water 

Step 2 – Sprinkle the fertilizers over a plant using spray (where to sprinkle depends on the requirements) 

For example, when you are using fertilizers for foliar feeding – sprinkle them directly on the plants and they will absorb the nutrients directly through leaves, while for fertigation, you have to mix the fertilizers in the soil and the plants will absorb nutrients through the roots.    

Organic fertilizers are changing the face of the agriculture business. In addition, they are making the planet a better place to breathe, unlike chemical pesticides. To enhance your agricultural business and go chemical-free, connect with AgroBiome – they manufacture organic products using biotechnology and offer natural solutions so that the Earth and its people lead healthier lives.