Vegetable Growth

Farmers face many challenges while growing vegetables and plants. To keep the vegetables and plants away from harmful insects and safe from weather conditions, they have to purchase many chemicals and pesticides. This offers protection  from harmful insects and fulfils its requirements, but gives rise to another set of problems, i.e., it affects the quality of vegetables, soil, environment, and eventually health. To avoid fatal consequences and break the chain, doctors and researchers in the biotechnology industry have come up with RezFree. It is an organic plant and soil aid that has massive benefits stored in it. Read on to know more. 

Steps to Use RezFree With Seeds and Transplants

Step1: Dilute 20 ml RezFree with 2 litres of water  

Step2: Spray it on the seeds

Step3: Blend the diluted RezFree solution and seeds in a seed mixer 

Step4: Plant the seeds, but make sure to dry them out

Step5: Dip the transplants into the RezFree solution 

Things to Check Before Applying RezFree

  • Check whether the soil is warm enough
  • Check whether the container is entirely clean before applying the RezFree
  • Check whether the storage room temperature is accurate. RezFree needs to be stored between 5-25 degrees Celsius
  • Check whether the crops have recently been pesticide or not. If they have been, then wait for 7 days before applying RezFree
  • Before using, shake the bottle for 30 seconds

How Will It Help Vegetables Grow Better?

RezFree is a blend of enzymes, peptides, amino acids, oligosaccharides, and organic matter. In addition, it is considered a bio-stimulant, and soil catalyst. This is how the formula works:

Reduces the Soil Salinity

Due to soluble salts, the land can have excess salt. This salinity can distress the plants and crops, leading to reduced yields or loss of usable lands. RezFree can decrease the soil salinity and retrieve the saline lands back. 

Removes the Residues

The chemicals and pesticides used in growing can significantly impact plants and vegetables. This can have fatal health issues, like cancer, allergies, gene mutation, etc. RezFree can remove the residues and reduce the impact of chemicals and pesticides, imparting healthy and quality food. 

Enhances Microbial Activity

RezFree enhances the microbial activity in the rhizoshere, making the roots grow long, which can make vegetables more nutritious, as the root system will take up more nutrients. It will improve the fertility of both the soil and crops’ health. 

Boosts the Immunity

RezFree eliminates the need for pesticides and chemicals, hence preserving the nutrients and quality of the vegetables and plants. Plus, its rich enzymes boost the immunity of the vegetables, preventing any plant or vegetable related diseases. Therefore, keeping the plants and vegetables strong and healthy. 

With advancing technology, health and environment awareness, companies and farmers too are minimizing chemical usage. The best solution for excellent vegetable growth is RezFree. If you are looking for this product or maybe you don’t know how to use the product, you can connect with AgroBiome