Green Cleaning Products

In recent years, many companies have been maintaining a clear shift in business models and marketing practices. Instead of maximizing efficiency, there’s more attention spent on sustainability and energy efficiency. This trend is a clear response to the growing fears of the generation to the earth’s deterioration.

Going green is a major decision that involves plenty of preparation to rethink supplier options or alternative means of running the workplace. Thankfully, business owners don’t always have to commit to a major commitment to greener practices. The simplest changes often make the best appeal to your target market.

The Value of Going Green With Cleaning Products

Green cleaning products stay away from using a set of dirty ingredients which harm the environment. This includes chlorine bleach, phthalates, triclosan, and other materials. While the resulting product isn’t precisely non-toxic to humans, it has a considerably reduced impact of damaging the environment. As a result, this simple change in your cleaning company’s inventory can benefit your business on different fronts.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons your business should shift to green cleaning products.

1) Green Cleaning Products Increase Your Brand’s Appeal

The main reason consumers advocate for green cleaning products is their intended effect of reducing toxic waste in the environment. Besides the ethical responsibility of protecting nature, it also offers several advantages to your cleaning business. For example, the commitment to utilize green products can be more appealing to a more progressive market. Your decision to fight air and water pollution also leads to positive reinforcement of your brand. If a consumer has to choose between you and a company using traditional cleaning agents, you’ll have a clear advantage.

2) Green Cleaning Products Improve Your Customer Trust

A cleaning company is only as efficient as the products and equipment it uses. Traditional cleaning agents often have toxic chemicals directly linked to different health issues. This is a significant issue, especially for clients with increased sensitivity to specific ingredients. If you use the wrong cleaning solutions, you could create a hazardous environment for your clients, leading to skin rashes, eye irritation, coughing, and other respiratory illnesses. When marketing your services to prospective clients, highlighting your eco-friendly cleaning products can make your company more appealing than their other options.

3) Green Cleaning Products Are Less Expensive to Maintain

Households generally have a wide collection of cleaning agents to remedy different marks and stains on particular surfaces. Thankfully, you can save on your logistical expenses by investing in all-purpose eco-friendly cleaners. Since you won’t need a specific cleaning agent to handle specific soils, you can reallocate your budget to other expenses. Relegated financial assets can be put towards better equipment and increased marketing efforts.

Making the seemingly small change to your product preferences leads to a cascading influence on all your overhead costs. With green cleaning products, you don’t just save the environment; you also save your money plenty of unnecessary expenses in the long term.


Businesses large and small should work together to advocate for a greener world. Taking the effort to purchase products with a certified Green Seal is one step toward a brighter and more sustainable future. This is why business owners need to develop a practice of subscribing to environmentally friendly products. By reinforcing your cleaning arsenal, you’ll attract more clients interested in pursuing the green agenda as well!

At AgroBiome, we make it our mission to help cleaning businesses make the next step to protecting the environment. Our wide range of eco-friendly products aimed to help different sectors can be the green change you need in your workplace. If you’re looking for a company that sells chemical-free cleaners in Edmonton, AB, shop from us today!